Varmakalai maruthuvam (Varma maruthuvam) is one of the main branch of varmakalai. We can able to cure almost all the diseases using varmakalai. Diseases can be treated using varmakalai.

  •  All pain(neck pain,back pain,shoulder pain, arm and leg pain,etc.,)

  •  All forms of arthritis

  •  Diabetes

  •  Hypertension

  •  Heart problems

  •  Cholestrol

  •  Asthma

  •  Thyroid disorders

  •  Spinal cord problems

  •  Hormonal disorders

  •  Sexual disorders

  •  Infertility

  •  Impotence

  •  Eye problems

  •  Neuro problems

  •  Stress

  •  Anxiety

  •  Sleep disorders

  •  Psychological problems

  •  Speech disorders

  •  Irritable bowel syndrome

  •  Gastro intestinal disorders

  •  Vertigo

  •  ulcer

  •  Skin problems and many more….

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